A Persian Tabriz Rug


A Persian Tabriz RugCirca: 1900

Size: 12'6'' × 9'6'' 
Item No: BB5250


A Swedish Flat Weave Rug


A Swedish Flat Weave RugCirca: 1960

Size: 7'11'' × 5'8''
Item No: AB BB5383


An Antique Chinese Rug

An Antique Chinese RugCirca: 1900

Size: 8' × 5'
Item No: BB5493

Tulu Nadu Design

Tulu Nadu DesignInspired by the temples in Nadu regions of India, Tulu is long hairy wool textiles.
I am crazy about the construction of this rug hairy as they come but in areas flat woven.

New, custom rug.

Size:  14' × 9'8''
Item No:  N10305

Alhambra Design

Alhambra DesignBased on the ancient city in Spain these very clear Cuenca designs always attract the most sophisticated client.

New, custom rug.

Size:  14'3'' × 10'3''
Item No:  N10336

Ripple Pearl

Ripple PearlDesigned by Eskayel and interpreted by DLB it is based on her sea side collection reflecting different moods attached to water.

New, custom rug.

Size:  14'2'' × 10'2''
Item No:  N10339

A Samarkand Rug

A Samarkand RugThis rug is so faded it almost looks like just a concrete side walk with pomegranates on top.

A Second Quarter 20th century Samarkand rug that has a very nuetral overall design with a hint of coral within a border that has a graphic and contrasting chocolate brown motif.

Circa: 1930

Size:  15' × 7'9''
Item No:  BB4968

An Indian Agra Rug

An Indian Agra RugSo powerful almost impossible to use in a room that did not start with the rug.

A Jewel Toned Indian Agra Rug with a symetrical design of abstract floral and geometric shapes within a multi stepped border.

Circa: 1880

Size:  13'2'' × 10'8''
Item No:  BB5109

A Persian Meshad Rug

A Persian Meshad RugReally harmonious, love the spots on the Deers.

An early 20th century Persian Meshad (Meshed) antique rug, the camel field with a whimsical allover design of palmettes, exotic animals and swirling vinery within a dark brown palmette and vinery border.

Circa: 1900

Size:  16'7" × 11'4"
Item No:  BB2528