How to Buy an Antique Rug

 Nader Bolour, president of Doris Leslie Blau carpet gallery, shares his wisdom with Barron's Penta.

Richard C. Morais:  Picking the right rug for your home is very important because it enhances the beauty of your furniture and the art on your walls for that reason we went to pay the visit to Nader Bolour, the director of the Doris Leslie Blau antique and vintage rug company to learn more about the fine art about picking the right rug.

Nader Bolour: The difference between a ten thousand dollar rug to a two hundred thousand dollar rug is similar to, let say a Buick to a Ferrari, you can actually, even if you are not knowledgeable about rugs just feel the difference in them just like you can tell the difference between a Buick and Ferrari ... When a Ferrari enters into the road; the statement is made. It's kind of goes without saying.

Generally antique rugs are pre-nineteen twenties; dating back as early as the fifteenth century. Vintage rugs are referred to rugs that were made after nineteen twenties up to nineteen seventies. The trends keep changing.

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Nader Bolour - the Man behind Doris Leslie Blau Rugs

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