Nader Bolour - Owner of Doris Leslie Blau Gallery

It's not  just about the  buying and selling of carpets anymore. The carpet world has became a multi faceted business as have most businesses’ in the world of globalization.

While I miss the traditional aspects of the business since I have been in it for almost 30 years, the amount of creativity that is being used  is truly innovating, whether it's the way we place an antique rug in a modern setting or creating new rugs with re-dyed, scraps of old rugs or just going beyond the 21st century in the creation of rugs that do not look like rugs.

The challenge remains today how to have the gauge of the younger more brand orientated client while at the same time remaining true to our core clientelle who have been  and continue to be great clients. Perhaps the middle ground is our exquisite collection vintage rugs.

Doris Leslie Blau has not just benefited from a world class reputation due to it's service but for being a leading purveyor of the most exciting  and eclectic rugs in the world.

As the business continues to grow, my goal is to continue to serve my clients with all their aesthetic needs while showing respect to the traditional art of making rugs so that the rugs we make today are the antiques of tomorrow.