Doris Leslie Blau’s New Collection: Tulu Nadu

In this photo shoot, we wanted to capture the essence of nature, which was part of the inspiration when creating the Tulu Nadu line. We wanted it to have an earthy feel yet still be sophisticated, hence the natural landscape with refined elements. Aside from the collection’s natural beauty, it has a contemporary feel inspired by a cultural past. Tulu in Turkish means long hair; the long strands of wool were originally used in mattresses many years ago. DLB’s Tulu Nadu rugs are thick and shaggy and have a modern sensibility. The rugs are hand knotted using cut pile and the flat area is a Sumac weave; they are made beautifully and quite affordable. Our very own Susan Iszak says, “Our Tulu Nadu collection is an adaptation that is cool yet still practical. It continues the tradition of Tulu’s in DLB’s collection of antique rugs par excellence. We have blurred the fine line between new and old rugs.”

Yum Yum

Yum Yum 5.8 x 4.2

Grey Strata

Grey Strata 11.9 x 9.3

Alhambra Border

Alhambra Border 11.7 x 3

Grey Steppe

Grey Steppe 17 x 12

Brown Strata

Brown Strata 12.1 x 9

Line Segment

Line Segment 39.7 x 3.1

Grey Strata

Grey Strata 14 x 9.9

Alhambra Scaled

Alhambra Scaled 9 x 12

Line Segment

Line Segment 14.7 x 11.10

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