Rapid Fire Q&A with Nader Bolour

Nader Bolour, CEO of Doris Leslie BlauReprinted from Go Design Go Magazine, October 30, 2014

In this rapid fire Q&A series, Go Design Go is quizzing design leaders on everything from their idea of happiness to their greatest achievement in design. In this interview, Doris Leslie Blau CEO Nader Bolour shares some interesting facts, including what historical design period he would most like to visit and his favorite furniture designer:

Your chief characteristic?   Workaholic

Your favorite design motto?   Recreate the past

What makes a house a home?   Love

What is your most treasured possession?   My soul

If not yourself, who would you be?   Sean Connery

Your design hero?   Waldo

Your favorite author/poet?   Roald Dahl

Your favorite season?   All

Your favorite furniture piece/designer?   Paul Evans

A natural talent you’d like to be gifted with?   Patience

What is your present design state of mind?   Simplicity

Your favorite virtue?   Positiveness

Your idea of happiness?   Satisfied with my blessings

What was your favorite journey/trip?   Jerusalem

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?  Humility

What do you consider your greatest achievement in design?   Presenting 60 top interior designers’ rugs

What one goal do you hope to accomplish this year?   Better leadership

How is design evolving?   There is more passion as there are more jobs in the industry

What decorative item would you save first if your house caught fire?   Anything from the bar

What historical design period would most like to visit?   Directoire

A traditionalist in the buying and selling of luxury carpets and rugs, Nader Bolour, owner of the Doris Leslie Blau Gallery, is a true expert in his field, traveling the world and connecting with rare rug and carpet dealers, allowing him to buy some of the most exemplary and unique pieces across the globe. By continuing to maintain new inventory and ideas, Bolour is able to provide his customers with exceptional pieces to fulfill their needs.

Bolour’s passion for antique carpets began early on, growing up in the family business. Founded in the 1920′s in Iran, Bolour & Sons was considered one of the world’s most distinguished dealers, and a gathering place for Iran’s most prominent. In 1978, Bolour’s family established Y&B Bolour in London, where at 20 years old, he met Doris Leslie Blau, America’s doyenne of antique Oriental rugs and carpets who opened her namesake gallery in 1965.

Branching out on his own in 1994 in New York City, Bolour opened the U.S. location of Y&B Bolour. Reconnecting with Ms. Blau, a friendship turned into a partnership in 1997 when he acquired the famed Doris Leslie Blau Gallery.

To take a look at the rugs offered at Doris Leslie Blau, stop by the DDB, Suite 625.